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Myrtle Beach Area Pet Friendly Services

Below you will find categories of Pet Friendly Services in the Myrtle Beach Area. If you would like to see your business listed here please contact us.

Boarding and Kennels
While you are vacationing in Myrtle Beach you may need the services of a doggie day care or boarding facility for your family pet.  Whether it's just for the day while you go and explore all the sights that the Grand Strand has to offer or you want to go on a day trip to Charleston and you may be back late at night - just take them to one of the fun and exciting centers listed below. They will have a fun day playing with other dogs, have human contact and a comfortable place to wait for you return.

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There are many pet friendly campgrounds in the Myrtle Beach area. There are a few that are right along the ocean and some that are inland. The amenities vary such as pools, playgrounds and activities. There are some locations that have cabins, houses and rv's for rent. If you are coming to the Grand Strand area and would like to stay in a campground check out our list below.

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There is a lot to love about Myrtle Beach - the ocean, the food, the sights - especially our furry friends. If you are visiting our wonderful area and would like to adopt an animal or would like to donate supplies to one of our shelters please look at the list below for some of our pet friendly charities.

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Grooming and Spas
Myrtle Beach is a great place to be! The beautiful ocean and the warm sand are wonderful places to spend a nice sunny day. But salt water on a furry coat can turn your best friend into your smelly worst enemy! Treat your dog to some time at a groomer or pet spa. They will get a good cleaning and come out smelling great! Especially nice if you are driving a long way home!

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Pet Stores andSupplies
Did you come to Myrtle Beach and forget to bring food for your dog? Did you lose the leash? No worries! There are several pet stores in the Grand Strand area full of nutrious food, leashes and collars of any color and a vast variety of toys for your favorite companion.

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Would you like a lasting memory of your vacation in Myrtle Beach and want to include your best friend? Just call one of the photgraphers on the list below and say "cheese"!!

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While Myrtle Beach restaraunts will not allow your furry companion inside the restaraunt itself, there are quite a few places that are pet friendly. The restaraunts below have outdoor patios and they will welcome your trusted companion. They will even give them a bowl of cold water to cool them down in the heat of summer.

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Sitters and Walkers
Are you thinking of taking a day trip from Myrtle Beach and can't take your best friend? What do you do? You just make an appointment with one of our pet sitters and dog walkers from the list below. Someone can care for your pooch in their home, giving them the exercise and attention they crave while you are out seeing the sights. What's not to love about that?

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A dog trainer's purpose is to teach a dog how to be more obedient at home and teaching a dog to obey common commands, such as to sit, stay or lay down. Dog training involves teaching a dog to react to commands, and giving a dog a treat or kind words for responding correctly to a command. A canine trainer could also oversee a dog's physical exercise, medical care and mental stimulation.

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Accidents happen - even in beautiful Myrtle Beach! Listed below are some great veterinarians in the Grand Strand area that will take wonderful care of your family friend in case of an emergency.

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