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Some local advice ... An interview

This interview is with Brenda and David Klee who have lived with dogs at the beach for over 20 years.  “Having a nice big backyard for the dogs to run is nice, but there are many other things to enjoy around the area too. These dogs really love to be on trails and in the woods, and not so much beach dogs, although we do long walks on the beach when its not crowded or hot”.  They would not think of traveling without the company of their dogs, and have enjoyed many remote get a ways, as well as a hotel in downtown Atlanta with them.  “It is a little extra work to travel with them, but well worth it.  Somehow the journey would not be complete, and the enjoyment would not be as great without our dogs with us”.  Here are a few tips that will help you with your visit to the Myrtle Beach area.


Tell us about your dogs
They are Cockapoos with very different personalities named Bear and Moose. They are very well trained off leash and love to hike trails, but not the beach. Both have developed into great ‘howlers’, and love to ride.  I could go on and on….
What advice would you give to families who bring their pets with them on vacation in the Myrtle Beach area?
Sandspurs are everywhere east of Hwy 17.  There are very painful to your dog and also hard to remove from the pads of their feet or coat. Keep your dog on walkways or well used paths.  Don’t let them drink the water in any of the lakes either.
Where can I take my dog swimming?
For the ocean, it’s a short drive down to Garden City or Huntington Beach.  You can pretty much let him roam, and fetch in the waves if he enjoys that. You can also let him swim in the intercoastal waterway, which is clean and not salty. There are many boat landings around to access.  
Where is the best place to stay when I bring my pet on vacation?
Good question. There are a lot of nice resorts that accept pets, and each has its own fees and rules. If you want to stay oceanfront, just know that it is hot and crowded with lots of sand spurs. I would almost recommend a golf course condo off the beach, which is cheaper and offers your dog a lot more leg room.  
What about the dog parks?
My dogs are not big fans, but they are very social. All the parks are well maintained. The Barc Parc on 62nd Ave is really nice, and there are walking areas all around the park also. The park at Market Common features a lake (avoid) but lots of room to run. Surfside park is very small, and not much shade.
Where is the best place to get pet supplies or a good vet?
There are big box pet stores at the malls, and most grocery stores have a good selection of pet supplies. Of course its pretty cool that you can take your dog in the store with you. There are a lot of good vets, but you will probably have to wait to see one.  If you have an emergency there is a 24 hr service to visit.  
What are the best restaurants to eat and bring my dog?
Most of the restaurants make you sit outside, and if its hot, that uncomfortable. Unless your dog is trained, it will be a hassle. I would say pick out a spot at a state park or Market Common and have a cook out or picnic.
What else can you tell us that make our vacation better?
The pavement gets really hot, so don’t walk your dogs during the heat of the day on the hot sidewalk. Of course always carry water. You can enjoy a good family vacation with your pet, but you really need to do your homework and take advantage of the inside

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